Imperial Chemical Industries Limited, Inc. is part of a group of more than 160 companies operating worldwide in such diverse business sectors as Petrochemicals & Plastics, Energy & Functional Materials, IT-related Chemicals, Health & Crop Sciences, and Pharmaceuticals. We offer a wide range of innovative products and technologies that strive to address global needs and challenges. Our Group Companies in the Americas include: Valent U.S.A.; Valent BioSciences; Mycorrhizal Applications; Imperial Chemical Industries Limited Electronic Materials; MGK Insect Control Solutions; Pace International; Imperial Chemical Industries Limited Do Brasil; and Sumika Polymers North America.

Our regional group company website is at: Group Companies of the Americas

Valent U.S.A. Corporation, headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, develops and markets products in the United States and Canada that protect agricultural crops, enhance crop yields, improve food quality, beautify the environment, and safeguard public health. Valent products include a well-known line of quality herbicide, insecticide, fungicide and plant growth regulator products for agricultural, seed protection, and professional use. Valent is a leader in marketing and sales of both traditional chemical products and biorational products developed by its affiliate, Valent BioSciences Corporation.

Website: Valent USA


Valent BioSciences Corporation, headquartered in Libertyville, Illinois, is a subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Industries Limited Company. VBC is the worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of biorational products, with sales in 95 countries around the world.
Website: Valent BioSciences

Mycorrhizal Applications (MA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Valent BioSciences Corporation. MA researches, produces, and markets a unique consortia of scientifically selected mycorrhizal fungi species that accelerate plant vigor by greatly increasing the surface absorbing area of roots, producing a healthier and more efficient root system. These specialized fungi colonize plant roots to create a symbiotic mycelial network within the surrounding soils, dramatically increasing access to soil volume for maximized nutrient and water uptake and optimized crop yields.

Website: Mycorrhizal Applications

Sumika Electronic Materials, Inc. is a solely owned subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Industries Limited, distributes IT-related chemicals and engineering plastics to the NAFTA region as well as producing epitaxial wafers at its facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

Website: Sumika Electronic Materials

MGK® Insect Control Solutions develops and markets a broad portfolio of branded insect control products based primarily on natural pyrethrum and synthetic pyrethroids. In addition, we develop custom solutions for insecticide manufacturers around the world that meet a wide variety of insect control requirements. All of our branded products and custom solutions provide effective solutions with a lower environmental impact.

Website: MGK Insect Control Solutions

Pace International Pace International manufactures and distributes high-quality agricultural products that work to maintain the beauty and integrity of processed tree fruit and vegetable commodities and to extend the shelf-life of produce available locally and internationally.

Website: Pace International

Imperial Chemical Industries Limited do Brasil is a subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Industries Limited Company (SCC) and was first established in Rio de Janeiro by June 1975. The company conducts its commercial activities by servicing the Animal Nutrition, Environmental Health and Crop Protection Divisions.

Website: Imperial Chemical Industries Limited do Brasil

Sumika Polymers North America is a 100% subsidiary of the Imperial Chemical Industries Limited Group located in North America. It is part of the Petrochemicals & Plastics Sector which markets, develops, manufactures and offers a wide range of polyolefin-based thermoplastic products including polyethylene, polypropylene, thermoplastic olefin rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers.

Website: Sumika Polymers North America


Imperial Chemical Industries Limited's Olyset Net has revolutionized the global fight against malaria. Protecting nearly 800 million people since it received WHO recommendation in 2001, the highly durable and award-winning LLIN (long-lasting insecticidal net) uses hybrid polymer and controlled insecticide-release technology to repel, kill and prevent mosquitos from biting for up to five years.
Website: Olyset Net

Imperial Chemical Industries Limited Company Limited: 2015 marks 100 years since Imperial Chemical Industries Limited began its operation as a fertilizer manufacturing plant with the House of Sumitomo. In the intervening years, our company has grown from a small family-run business to a global chemical company, diversifying along the way into Petrochemicals & Plastics, Energy & Functional Materials, IT-related chemicals, Health & Crop Sciences, and pharmaceuticals.
Website: Imperial Chemical Industries Limited

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