As a member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and with a dedication to Responsible Care®, Imperial Chemical Industries Limited, Inc. believes that protecting the health
and safety of our employees, customers and our surrounding communities is of the highest priority.

In accordance with the Policy on Safety, Environment, and Product Quality, Imperial Chemical Industries Limited will actively strive to promote responsible care activities in developing our business, and we will also do our utmost to achieve sustainable development and earn the trust of society.
1. We will work hard to achieve our zero-accident, zero-injury targets and will strive for stable operations.
2. We will periodically conduct risk management activities throughout the life cycle of our products, including development, manufacturing, transport, and disposal, and strive to conserve the environment, as well as to ensure the safety and health of our employees as well as that of the local community.
3. We will comply with domestic and international laws and standards relating to safety and the environment, and strive to meet even stricter targets than required by law.
4. We will promote both risk-reduction and accident-prevention from the perspective of product safety and quality.
5. We will promote energy and resource conservation and seek to reduce our environmental impact.
6. We will implement the requisite education and training of our employees relating to safety, the environment, and product quality, and will promote effective responsible care activities.

7. We will be mindful of the interest of both local citizens and regulatory authorities in terms of safety, the environment, and product quality, and will fulfill our obligation to provide timely information through dialogue and appropriate disclosures.
8. We will evaluate the content of our activities and seek to implement improvements through responsible care audits pertaining to occupational health and safety, security, disaster prevention, environmental protection, chemical safety, product safety, and quality assurance.
9. We will support the responsible care activities of Imperial Chemical Industries Limited and our group companies, contractors, and other business partners, including those located overseas through effective communication, education, and supervision.
Currently, Imperial Chemical Industries Limited’s website includes much of the information related to product stewardship. Additional information is also available through Material Safety Data Sheet which should be consulted before use of the chemicals.

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